Whisple Self-Care Service
Brand design, Art direction, Web

Whisple is aimed to serve a niche audience of progressive modern people and make them feel absolutely safe to openly talk about off-limits topics

Whisple is a safe digital service that is aimed to bring sexual awareness into daily life

Self-care is all about building the confidence around your self-image and maintaining well-being in all aspects: mental, physical, social and sexual! We are breaking through the wall of shame, fear, and misunderstanding around so many social problems, and sex is one of them. The lack of sexual education and poor sexual awareness affect every sphere of our lives.

We hold frank conversations about sexuality,health and being true to yourself. We understand this means being both introspective and outward-looking. We’ll serve this audience through a digitalpresence, the app, and social media.

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My role

Brand Design

Art Direction

Web design


Andrew Khimanin

Sergey Bykov

Natalie Zaikina

Kate Palanchuk

Lera Sxemka

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