Alterme 3D Avatar Maker & Cha‪t
Art direction, product design

A social app, which creates your personal 3D Alter Ego. Meet new people, get to know them in a new way and discuss disturbing topics without social boundaries.

Together with a small group of product managers, we created a unique mobile app Alterme, which from scratch reached the top 100 in the US App Store with an average rating of 4.5 and thousands of users joining daily. I assembled and coordinated the design department for up to 6-10 people that consisted of full-time 3D designers, product designers, and outsourcing graphic designers, motion designers. Responsible for the production cycle of the app. Transfer design to development and coordination of work between developers, designers, QA, and managers. I was building a brand, tone of voice, positioning, and user experience for the product.

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My role

Art Director

Lead Product Designer


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